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Policies & Procedures


Please review summer program policies here. This document details our policies and procedures in the following areas: registration, auditions, communications, payment procedures and due dates, program cancellation, student cancellation & withdrawal,special needs, student behavior, waivers, and medical records. Please read this!



Highlights from the Extension Division's Policies & Procedures page are found below.  
Please review our policies in detail; they are listed here:
Please note that payment of your invoice - in full, or by payment plan - indicates your acceptance of all policies and procedures of the Extension Division. The highlights below are indicated to draw attention to some of the more common concerns / questions that program participants have.

Student absences
  • Private lessons: One make-up lesson per semester is offered for student absences only if the student provides notification to the Extension Division office 24 hours in advance of absence.  
Instructor absences 
  • Planned instructor absences
The Extension Division will provide a substitute instructor to teach during planned instructor absences. Students may not opt out of lessons with substitute instructors.
  • Unplanned instructor absences 
If an instructor cancels a lesson unexpectedly the lesson will be made up during the make-up weeks reserved at the end of each semester.

  • If the student discontinues private lessons before the end of the semester, no refund will be issued.
  • Withdrawal from classroom/group instruction before the fourth week of classes for any reason is allowed.   
  • Withdrawal from classroom instruction before the fourth week of classes will result in 60% refund of course tuition (registration & parking fees are non-refundable). 
  • Withdrawal from classroom/group instruction after the fourth week of classes results in forfeiture of tuition; no refund will be made.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made in cases of extended illness, serious injury, and/or medical emergencies. 
  • Students not enrolled in a payment plan, or who have not paid for their lessons in full, will not be allowed to receive instruction.
  • Students are responsible for timely payment of Extension Division invoices. 
  • It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Extension Division office of any changes to his/her address, telephone number, email address or relevant payment information.

  • Non-payment of Extension Division charges will be sent to a third-party collection agency once the account is 120 days past due.  This will immediately increase your balance due by 30% or more, as you will be responsible for the agency fees. Once your account is placed with an agency, you will not have the option to call our office and resolve this delinquency.
  • If Rutgers University cancels classes due to inclement weather, the Extension Division will also cancel classes.
  • Please refer to the Rutgers Campus Status Page at or call the Extension Division office at 848-932-8618 for closure notices.